Thursday, April 3, 2014


I am working on Anni Downs new quilt "Gossp in the Garden" with some fellow Sunday Stitchers.

Poor Cheryl has been a little time poor so didn't quite get a start on it.  The aim was to have at least made a start on this block before our last meet up but Helen  made me stand in the naughty corner as well because I hadn't finished like the others had....

I am pleased to say that now this block is at the right stage

and yesterday I finished off the block for this month (with more than a week to spare!)

This is such a fun quilt to work on - I might even start the next bit early......

De xoxo

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Madness

I can't believe that today is the first of April...they say time flies when you are having fun!  Most of March was fun for me (surrounded by some normal mundane stuff).

For the third year in a row I went to Let's Get Stitched.  This year was hosted in Melbourne.  An absolutely fantastic weekend with lots and lots of lovely ladies and most of it spend laughing!

Sunday Stitching Day attendees

It was so great to catch up with old friends and make some new ones too.

I did also celebrate a birthday while in Melbourne.  There were some "happy birthday to me" moments whilst out and about shopping" and I was also spoilt with loads of hugs from these ladies and some gifts as well.  Home to more gifts so a very spoilt person I am!

My online group birthday theme this year was a black and white bag....and this is what Roseanne sent to me

Then there were the fat quarters that rolled in all month
Fat Quarter Birthday Club
Sunday Stitchers

Here are Teresa and I at Sunday Stitchers - we have just finished opening our birthday fat quarters.

Well I think that is enough from me for now....hopefully I will get back to the blog to update the sewing things that I have been doing very soon.

De xoxo

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Initial Heart Swap

First up apologies to Kim for taking so long to get this to the blog.

This year was the second time I have participated in the Initial Heart Swap hosted by the lovely Cheryll.

Little did we know that this year Cheryll was a bit sneaky and had matched us up with the same person to send to and receive from.

Kim and I did such a good job on flukey co-ordination and even managed to get Australia Post to play along that our parcel arrived on the same day.

These are the lovely goodies that I  received from Kim

Scissor Pouch (I didnt have one for my large scissiors so this will be very handy), candy hearts and sewing treats.

This is what I sent off to Kim

A needle pouch and matching thread catcher and some pistachio chocolate (I like it so hopefully Kim did too!)


Today I am off to Sunday Stitchers - a bloggy/stitchy catch-up - our first for the year.  Work has been super crazy for me for the start of the year and Im struggling to fit into a routine juggling everything and my mojo is suffering because of it.  Hopefully soon I can reclaim it and get back on track.

De xoxo

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sewing room clean up

New Year for me saw me in great need of a Sewing Room Clean Up

It only took most of the day to turn this......

into this.....

Im happy to say that after a week and few projects I just have to put a few bits and pieces away and it will look like the after shot again.

Hopefully 2014 will see me a bit better organised.

De xoxo

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Friday just gone...

I worked an early on Friday (6.30am-2.30pm) and came home and fiddled around a bit then got stuck into some sewing. Let me tell you that working in retail over the "silly season" is kinda crazy and you get to deal with some very cranky people.  Top that off with a few fairly warm days (45ish in the tin shed last weekend) and it just tips them over the edge.

Anyway, I needed some sanity sewing and I have a birthday to make a present for at the end of the month so this is what I worked on

Finished it off yesterday and have started a thread catcher and needle case to match.  My friend Lisa just loves gingies and collects them so I pulled this fabric from my stash and decided to make it less "Christmassy and adapted one of Michelle Ridgeway's designs to fit in with the theme.

I also managed to finally organise myself enough to iron the labels that I printed sometime last year onto some twill tape....a little fiddly but I think they turned out ok.

De xoxo

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa Sack Swap

Thursday was designated opening day for the Santa Sack Swap.

My partner for this swap was the lovely Karen who is having more than enough technical issues with computers, blogging etc etc.

A very large box arrived at my house a couple of weeks ago and let me just say that on Thursday I was in tears due to the generosity of someone that I have never met in real life - check out the pictures!

All beautifully wrapped and overflowing from the bag

The bag itself! Stunning!

Some little shoulder bags - just as well these aren't the colours my girls are into!

treats inside the little bags

a whole load of inspiration

Fabric and buttons to help that inspiration!

Beautiful tree ornies

A project bag - stuffed full of necessary items

A little pouch - also stuffed full and some extras as well

Stationery - always welcome in my house!

Personalised Luggage Tags

The most sweetest WISH Angel - her eyes just sparkle -
she will be living with me in the sewing room all year!

Karen - I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I know you are away and opening your gifts from me on Christmas Day - I hope you enjoy them.  May the generosity that you have shared come back to you over and over

De xoxo

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Friday Night with Friends

I had grand plans and the time I had just didnt match those plans.  By the time I got home from work, communicated with family, ate dinner (middle child had done all the work) it was nearly 8pm before I settled into the sewing room.

I did manage to finish this

and then do a teensy tiny bit more on this....

before watching some mind numbing tv with hubby and grabbing some necessary sleep.