Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hello Blog!!!!!

Oh dear.......what a crazy month my February has been!

Due to some restructuring I had to apply for the new job that replaces mine...I dont like the whole job application and interview process and managed to procrastinate for two weeks by doing not much at all.  Its done now and I have had the interview so now have about another week to wait to see if I was successful for the new position.  If not I will be staying in the store that I work at now, just doing something different.

I managed to get 4 new curtains made for my bedroom and a little bit of stitching for a secret project so only a sneak peek for now


Scraping in for February Stitch Along with finishing off the tote bag yesterday morning....

And last night making a few burnt flowers with my friend Lisa who has been staying with me since Monday. Sadly Lisa goes from my house and heads home tomorrow....I might keep her here!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Friday Night With Friends

If creating a mess counts for productivity then yesterday I was very productive!  Although I think it may have been more of a week long project!

I spent most of the day on and off yesterday in my sewing room flitting between projects.

I managed to finish the needlecase for this project and cut all the other necessary pieces (it seems to take me a long time with cutting).

 I picked fabric from my stash to make a bunting - bright colours for a day care centre - and got about half of the flags sewn up ready to turn.

I stuffed legs for another cute hedgehog for the Dolly Drive I am involved in on Facebook.  I also cut out two heads for monkeys for the same Dolly Drive.

Also there were a little bit more stitching on my February stitch-a-long of the Natalie Bird Tote Bag.

Im sure I achieved a lot........just nothing finished to show for it!