Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shaking Head in Confustion

No photos

Just a bewildering fact - Do you know you can buy toilet paper on ebay? I was just having a bit of a look around to see what I needed to purchase and one seller who had some garden deccor and cute gift ware was selling toilet paper by the carton

?????? I mean what the???? Its not something that I would consider buying from ebay but whatever floats your boat I guess....................

Back to see what other unusual items I can find.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Not too sure this is what I wanted

I was craving something pretty - you know all girlie and lacey etc.

I found the little heart shaped doily in my stash of doilies and had the fabric left over from something else so thought I would make this little pillow. Well you cant get much prettier than lace and pink right
but Im not entirely pleased with it. I think I may have to revert back to my slightly more rustic style and mix this in - its only tiny 9" x 7".


Sunday, July 10, 2011

I think its back

After yesterday's post and a good sleep I think my mojo may have returned.

Whilst trying to find something this morning when wrapping the FIS present to send off I stumbled across a very cute little frame that I had purchased some time ago and just knew that I wanted to make something pretty to go in it.

I pulled out some old mags but nothing was really doing it for me - thats when I got brave and grabbed some paper and a pen and just drew something - Im not usually a drawer. It just worked so I grabbed the maker pen and put it onto the fabric and this is what I produced:

Yes the frame is damaged - it adds to its charm!

And a close-up of the stitchery.......


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Missing Mojo............

Hopefully it has just taken a vacation! I have these grand ideas but really no desire to do any of them.

Had hubby at the hospital yesterday and I managed to do 2 hexie flowers but that was all. And of course of weekend of recuperation for him should be the perfect time for me to get stuck in and make something. I just have no desire whatsoever. Maybe after a sleep tonight it might sneak back into my body.

If anyone finds it can you please send it back..................