Monday, January 13, 2014

Sewing room clean up

New Year for me saw me in great need of a Sewing Room Clean Up

It only took most of the day to turn this......

into this.....

Im happy to say that after a week and few projects I just have to put a few bits and pieces away and it will look like the after shot again.

Hopefully 2014 will see me a bit better organised.

De xoxo

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Friday just gone...

I worked an early on Friday (6.30am-2.30pm) and came home and fiddled around a bit then got stuck into some sewing. Let me tell you that working in retail over the "silly season" is kinda crazy and you get to deal with some very cranky people.  Top that off with a few fairly warm days (45ish in the tin shed last weekend) and it just tips them over the edge.

Anyway, I needed some sanity sewing and I have a birthday to make a present for at the end of the month so this is what I worked on

Finished it off yesterday and have started a thread catcher and needle case to match.  My friend Lisa just loves gingies and collects them so I pulled this fabric from my stash and decided to make it less "Christmassy and adapted one of Michelle Ridgeway's designs to fit in with the theme.

I also managed to finally organise myself enough to iron the labels that I printed sometime last year onto some twill tape....a little fiddly but I think they turned out ok.

De xoxo