Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nothing like a deadline....

I think this is me summed up pretty well. I wait until last minute and then push myself to get things finished.

The latest deadline is for my friend Lisa's (no blog) birthday which is tomorrow. Lucky for express post I think otherwise I would be very very late.

Here is a pic before I wrap it and pop it into the express post bag (lucky I had one on hand).

Came up with this idea for an Address Book and Birthday Book last week so I dont think I did too bad at all considering.

Hope you are all having a productive weekend! Im off to the cricket today

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A new start to blogging

I have done this blog thing before - not very well I might add.

Anyway due to change in email address and some more significant things there is no way that I can access my old blog due to not being able to remember the password - Im sure its simple but the brain has been on overload since the last time I blogged there.

Oh well not to worry - life is all about fresh starts; so here is mine.

This year I plan to try and keep up with my blogging and also to get some projects finished and some new ones started and completed. Yes I can do that and still go to work Im sure. After all the computer is right near the sewing machine, therefore I should be able to multi task right?

I have had a reasonable start to the year productivity wise - Whipped up on the weekend two remote control holders - one for our room and one for Miss Becca. I have also finished the blanket stitching on the Vintage Teddies Quilt which is yet to be pieced together. (Photo when Im done).

Im off to an appointment this morning followed by a trip to Ikea with Miss Becca as she wants some "more age appropriate" furniture for her room

Please keep me on track with this blogging and with the crafting.

Love to all

De xoxo