Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nothing like a deadline....

I think this is me summed up pretty well. I wait until last minute and then push myself to get things finished.

The latest deadline is for my friend Lisa's (no blog) birthday which is tomorrow. Lucky for express post I think otherwise I would be very very late.

Here is a pic before I wrap it and pop it into the express post bag (lucky I had one on hand).

Came up with this idea for an Address Book and Birthday Book last week so I dont think I did too bad at all considering.

Hope you are all having a productive weekend! Im off to the cricket today


  1. love the address book, I must admit I'm a great fan of teddies.

  2. They are so nice I love teddies. Love the green and pink.

  3. Hello De,

    A great present, those Teddies look very cute. Hope you enjoyed the cricket.
    Happy days.

  4. Love fabric covered books De, am going to attempt to cover some myself very soon.....oh, and by the way - love your blog background too :)

  5. I totally understand. I ALWAYS work well under pressure too! Your books are just gorgeous... she will love them. xx

  6. What a great idea - the bears are very sweet.