Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday Project

Unfortunately on Saturday our Oscar fish departed for fishy heaven and hubby and I decided not the keep the fish tank which took up quite a bit of space in the lounge room.

Hubby had previously been given this chest which he believes is over a 100 years old. It needed a bit of TLC and it was one of those projects that he never got further than sanding a few years back.

So after moving the fish tank out Saturday afternoon we decided to finish off this project and with just another light sand and a few coats of wax this is what we came up with

Of course once it was in place in the lounge room it needed decorating...............

It will be used to hold some of my crafting stuff soon. At the moment I have some bi-carb in there to help remove some of the musty smell.

Tonight I have finished the final stitches on my SSCS project! I will wrap it and await the time for postage.



  1. nice chest........I have one of those old phones...........good news your just about finished the SSCS..........

  2. The chest is beautiful - you've done a great job with the rejuvenation.

  3. The chest is lovely and your display looks great De...