Friday, May 25, 2012

Creative Challenge

Its a bit of a challenge when this small domestic feline has decided the best way to spend a cold dreary day is on your lap. 

I always said I wanted a sewing cat but she has taken it to the extreme............Last week she thought playing whilst I was using the rotary cutter was going to be a good idea.



  1. LOL! Cute pic! Looks like she is about to sew up a storm!
    x Sarah
    PS: Was hoping to piece your paper bag swap this weekend..... s sewing machine mat but THANKYOU for showing that pic as you already have one! Back to the drawing board lol

  2. She look like she is helping mum. My Lilly cat climb in my car today so I took her shopping she just sleep in the car when I got home she climb back out. LOL

  3. True, but think how much you saved on heating :)

  4. it's a hard job, to be a good sewing cat !!!