Friday, November 9, 2012

Sitting and Stitching

Its Friday night and while there is no official Friday Sew In, Deb and I decided after enjoying a lovely Thai lunch that we both needed to just sit and stitch tonight.

We have both had a fairly hectic week and just needed some the therapy provided by stitching.

I am working on a couple of Christmas mini quilts and Deb was going to tackle a dolly bed - cant wait to see what that looks like.

Feel free to sit and stitch away with us tonight!



  1. Sounds like a good idea De. I am off to my cave soon.. Also some secret mini stitching..

  2. I've been working on a ruched scarf to take to London - hand dyed and dyed hands as a result ;)

  3. hope you and Deb have a great night unwinding De.xx

  4. Its so nice to just sit and stitch I do that most evenings while I watch some tv.