Wednesday, August 14, 2013

No Pressure

Just not enough hours in my days this month for all the things I want NEED to get done.  The very last day of this month sees hubby and I head off to Tassie to catch up with my Mum and Dad and I decided some time ago that I would have their birthday quilts ready to take with me (Dad's Birthday is end September and Mum's is mid-October).  At this point in time Mum's quilt is pinned and ready for quilting...

Mum's Quilt Top
Dad's quilt is still in pieces but they are all ready to put together. Here is the first bit done...

I have completed the bag for Friends in Stitches bag swap - no clues - Helen might see it and be disappointed that it isn' t orange crochet.  So just another couple of bits to finish off to go inside the bag and then this one is ready for posting.

I have another bag to work on too which is for Deb who's birthday is next week.
So this busy chickie best pull her finger out and get some things happening - wonder if the boss would notice if I took it all to work with me or just didnt go to work at all?????

 To leave you on a much more positive note this is the sweetest little pincushion I received from Carol (no blog) in the pincushion swap!

Time to go to see what I can get done before heading off to work this afternoon.

De xoxo


  1. Oh good luck. Both quilts will be wonderful De. I think someone is stealing our time away from us as my week flys by too!!! Fingers crossed for a sharp needle and a sure foot! :)

  2. You can do it De!!! You work best under pressure dont you? The quilts look great. And What - no orange crochet for Helen??? She will be disappointed. Hope you get lots of quilting time in the next couple of weeks.

  3. I'm sure you can make the deadline for the quilts. The spiderweb quilt looks especially great, your Dad will love it. Cute little turtle.

  4. De what wonderful gifts to give to your mum and dad,they are both goegeous and i know you can do it,but i think the boss will know if you arent at work,lol.
    Lovely pin cushion from Carol De,enjoy your day.xx

  5. mmm, you do have a bit to do - but you will get there - nothing like a deadline to speed things along. Gorgeous turtle you received. Your parents will love their quilts....mmm Orange crochet sound just like Helen.

  6. Hope you find time to get them completed as they are both gorgeous and your parents will love them. I am always a last minute person too. Seem to work better under pressure. Have a great time in Tassie. My hubby comes from there and I love the place. His Dad lives in Hobart. Hugs.....

  7. The quilts for your mum and dad are going to be lovely. I'm sure you'll get them finished before you head off. Cute little turtle pin cushion too.

  8. You obviously work well under pressure De. Lovely! Sharyn:)

  9. right back to work you go... love the quilt gifts.... nothing like giving yourself a strict time frame? very cute pincushion... I'm not sure that I could stick pins in him though?

  10. Your quilts are great and your parents will love them I'm sure. Such a cute pincushion... its a pity to stick him with pins really. OH NO... not an orange crochet bag Boohooooo I was so looking forward to that, ahhhhh I'm sure I will love what ever you make De...... lol


  11. Your gifts are going to be beautiful and I am sure well loved...Keep stitching :-) Lovely swap giftie... Love the little turtle pincushion.

  12. Gorgeous pin cushion from Carol she does the most amazing your quilts De, go girl....x

  13. Enjoy your Trip Sweetie...Hope you get some finishes done.

  14. You will have 2 beautiful quilts ! Your parents will be delighted !!
    How cute is your new pincushion !