Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunday Frolics

Yesterday was our end of year break up for Stitchers Inc - a gathering of mainly bloggers from around Brisbane.

bring a plate....I made caramelised onion tarts
dressed for the occasion - a new top out of hexie fabric that hubby found on a trip to spotlight.
Folded Stars - a gift from me to everyone
Secret Santa Swap Present - this beautiful table runner.

from Tatyana - with the gorgeous extra goodies included.

and more gifts - feeling spoilt!
the mug bag I made for Lynda 

We even did some stitching!

but this is what happend on the way home! 

What a wonderful day!  Thank you all for your friendship and all the laughter.  Looking forward to our gatherings next year.

De xoxo


  1. looks so fun... all these blog posts are making me feel worse for not being able to be there!!!!!!!!! haha not really ... well yes really but I still love seeing them all.... lovely goodies too and I just adore your new top....

  2. Looks like a fantastic your top...great prezzies...yummo to the tarts....bummer about the car

  3. can I have the the shirt - perfect fabric..........great gifts exchanged........a wonderful day..........

  4. I see from other blogs you all had a ball. Love your shirt..
    Oh no not a flat, lucky you had a man in shining armour to fix it...LOL

  5. Looks like it was a fun day. Great gifts. Will that be your "sewing" shirt now?

  6. Bummer about the Tyre...well I missed your platter! Not sure how that happened...Thanks for a Great Day xx

  7. Loved the caramelised onion tarts, love your folded stars too!
    Great pics - a really "fun" day.

  8. Your tarts look yummy. Fab gifts De. Sharyn:)

  9. Love your photos De! Now how did I miss your tart? Bad luck with the tyre but I can imagine you all made the most of it and had a good laugh???

  10. It was such a great meeting! I'm happy you like my presents :)