Sunday, February 16, 2014

Initial Heart Swap

First up apologies to Kim for taking so long to get this to the blog.

This year was the second time I have participated in the Initial Heart Swap hosted by the lovely Cheryll.

Little did we know that this year Cheryll was a bit sneaky and had matched us up with the same person to send to and receive from.

Kim and I did such a good job on flukey co-ordination and even managed to get Australia Post to play along that our parcel arrived on the same day.

These are the lovely goodies that I  received from Kim

Scissor Pouch (I didnt have one for my large scissiors so this will be very handy), candy hearts and sewing treats.

This is what I sent off to Kim

A needle pouch and matching thread catcher and some pistachio chocolate (I like it so hopefully Kim did too!)


Today I am off to Sunday Stitchers - a bloggy/stitchy catch-up - our first for the year.  Work has been super crazy for me for the start of the year and Im struggling to fit into a routine juggling everything and my mojo is suffering because of it.  Hopefully soon I can reclaim it and get back on track.

De xoxo


  1. Join The Club...Helen and myself have been complaining lately about the non-existence of a mojo...maybe they are on holiday together.. cya today...

  2. Lovely gifts both sent and received. Hope you find your mojo today with the girls.

  3. Lovely gifts. What a great surprise to have each other. I didn't which was great too.

  4. Lovely gifts you sent to each other, hope your work settles down a bit so you can have a bit more time to relax and get some sewing done real soon :) Barb.

  5. Lovely gifts De. Mojoitis is rampant! Sharyn:)

  6. Thanks De I loved my gifts. The thread catcher has been put to good use. Hope you have a lovely day. Kim xxx

  7. Lovely gifts, both sent and recieved

  8. Gorgeous gifts sent and received.....have a fun day