Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I said I wouldnt.............

but I never listen to myself and I did debate it for a few days.

The "it" is starting a new project (yes I have some to finish off)- and the crunch came when I am spending the best part of tomorrow with a friend stitching and all my "to finish" projects require the sewing machine. So I really need some stitching to take along with me.

When I was having a bit of a flick through the mags the other night looking for a project "that was in one of them" (and yes I found what I was looking for) I came across this quilt from Stella Whittingham "Take Time Out" which has just a little bit of stitching on it and is then pieced from a Jelly Roll. Well I just happen to have a couple of them lying around and the most perfect one is Garden Party from Blackbird Designs.

As you can see I have pulled the embroidery thread to use so now I best get busy and at least trace some of the designs so I can stitch away tomorrow.


  1. Oh, go on!! One more won't matter, lol :0)

  2. Join the club! Lots of starts and not as many finishes!! Have a good time away. I can totally understand your justification to start a new project! You don't have to talk me into it!! ;) Enjoy!

  3. It's always exciting to start something new, looking forward to see some pics as you get them done!

  4. You dare devil, De!!!! If it's new though, you will motor, so keep at it and finish it off :)

  5. I hope you got lots of stitching done during all that talking, food and coffee today!!!!

  6. the project looks lovely......have a nice time