Sunday, February 6, 2011

How Spoilt Am I?

Remember the other day when I had a stitching day with my friend Deb? Well she presented me with this beautiful quilt.

Deb had first started making this quilt not quite 2 years ago for my birthday present but like the rest of us life got in the way so on the day of my birthday that year I got to pick the border fabric. I was only presented with small pieces of the fabric that she had been using and I had no idea of the quilt design.

Anyway after a couple of very tough years (illness wise) Deb was so pleased that she could give this to me before my next birthday (March). I am honoured by the love that has gone into this and cant wait for it to get cold so I can snuggle with it.



  1. very is beautiful...........hope you have some freezing weather this week.......

  2. Very spoilt what a beautiful quilt. Well the way our weather is this summer all over the place you mite just get to use it.

  3. Looks gorgeous, De. Clever girl, that Deb!

  4. It's gorgeous! How beautiful that she has made something so very special. :)