Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not a lazy Sunday Afternoon

Well not around here! Up early this morning to take Cam to Clean Up Australia Day then home and achieved the desired cutting (see previous post). A trip to the dump (did my bit to clean up my little piece of Australia - do you think that counts?). Home from dump and had lunch and then decided to make my niece a bag for her birthday which is next weekend. Here it is completed:
Overall I have had a very productive weekend (and 3 blog posts as well). Back to work tomorrow but Im right into this sewing thing at the moment.



  1. Very nice your niece will love it. I just love the bear on the front of the bag.

  2. Gosh you deserve a medal just for cutting up the block on previous post..LOL!! Well done!! What a sweet bag you have created for your niece. You're definately on a roll De!!

  3. Bag looks wonderful, De. She will be thrilled to bits with it :)

  4. How lucky your niece is to have such a clever Aunty.

  5. Lovely Bag does sound like a productive weekend...
    popping in to say HI from another blog...
    are you in Brissy...bummer you missed a blog meet yesterday in time we'll let you know...

  6. What a pain that work has to interrupt that precious sewing time. Great bag! Well done!

  7. You did have a good day De...a little bit of the bag your niece will be thrilled....

  8. Cute bag De! I am sure I have some of those panels around here somewhere lol