Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ruby's Quilt

Today I managed to complete a quilt for baby Ruby! Ruby is the newest little princess in one of my work friend's home.

And of course all quilts need a matching pillow...............

I did snip as I sewed all the rows together but by the end of the afternoon I was a little stiff - oh the joys - and to think I have Becca's shaggy quilt on the go as well! I had the majority of fabric for this quilt stashed in the cupboard so that is an even bigger bonus! Its just one layer of flannel and then one layer of polar fleece - plenty warm enough for our climate - and it was so snuggly when I removed it from the dryer!

It stocktake week at work this week so I wont get much of a chance to do any sewing! Its been crazy there for the past few weeks as I am one of the people involved in getting it all organised!

Have a good week.



  1. One lucky little baby. The quilt is very nice.

  2. Very nice quilt, the snipping is the worst part I think.


  3. Gorgeous quilt De...Lucky Ruby...enjoy your stock take..

  4. A gorgeous quilt De, lucky little Ruby...