Saturday, July 9, 2011

Missing Mojo............

Hopefully it has just taken a vacation! I have these grand ideas but really no desire to do any of them.

Had hubby at the hospital yesterday and I managed to do 2 hexie flowers but that was all. And of course of weekend of recuperation for him should be the perfect time for me to get stuck in and make something. I just have no desire whatsoever. Maybe after a sleep tonight it might sneak back into my body.

If anyone finds it can you please send it back..................



  1. Sorry to hear your DH is not well De, I do hope a weekend if rest is just what he for your mojo, I am sure it is there somewhere we just have to find it...maybe it is tucked away in a nice little project??????

  2. You will get you mojo back mine was on holiday to but it is back now. I do hope yor DH get better soon.

  3. Hope your DH is feeling much better and I hope your mojo returns very soon. Mine went there for a while so just sewed a cute little lap quilt in fabrics I dont normally use. Love it and loved sewing maybe a new project is what will bring it back for you too :) Hugs Vicki x