Sunday, July 10, 2011

I think its back

After yesterday's post and a good sleep I think my mojo may have returned.

Whilst trying to find something this morning when wrapping the FIS present to send off I stumbled across a very cute little frame that I had purchased some time ago and just knew that I wanted to make something pretty to go in it.

I pulled out some old mags but nothing was really doing it for me - thats when I got brave and grabbed some paper and a pen and just drew something - Im not usually a drawer. It just worked so I grabbed the maker pen and put it onto the fabric and this is what I produced:

Yes the frame is damaged - it adds to its charm!

And a close-up of the stitchery.......



  1. Glad you found that mojo....nice design De you have done a wonderful job...

  2. Yes Glad you got some stitching time today and your design is Lovely and really suits the frame...well done.

  3. De it is very nice and your own design as well. I am glad your mojo is back. Love the frame. You go girl.