Saturday, June 18, 2016


Last night was Friday night and I decided to abondon The Great Sewing Room Clean Up so I could spend a bit of quality time bonding with my new girl.

It was like sewing 101 for beginners with scrap fabric and the instruction book not far away.

Im sure we will become inseperable very very soon, however today is back to the clean up.

Nothing is coming back into the room without a designated home and now the curtains are replaced with shade cloth screens the light in here is amazing 


  1. Goodluck sorting everything out.. ..

  2. Have fun with your brand new friend. Lots of hard work happening at your place De. Good luck with your new space x

  3. The new look curtains look fabulous ....
    Enjoy learning your new baby....

  4. Good Luck with the reno - you will be using that machine at full throttle before too long.