Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Trip Around the World

A few weeks ago I completely finished my hand stitched trip around the world quilt. I loved the process of the hand stitching and did quite a bit of it while away camping.
Cross hatch quilting certainly took awhile and with this one I certainly embraced the process of "make do" ... rows with different squares, batting joined together, pieced backing, and about three different threads for the quilting
The last square ready to be stitchedn
Found this great place for pucs of finished top when away .. the cows looking too

Crinkly quilty goodness after washing


  1. Fabulous De... Love the photo shoot!

  2. great work's lovely.........cows are always great in pics........

  3. This quilt is just amazing De. And all done by hand. I am your partner in the Claytons Christmas swap De - could you email me your address and preference for Christmas style please xx